About Us


Who We Are

We are Bookkeeper Business Launch. And we are on a mission to raise up an army of 10,000 GREAT bookkeepers.

Why bookkeepers? Because the bookkeeper is the most critical person to support entrepreneurs when it comes to day-to-day finances. We consider it a travesty that entrepreneurs aren't served well by their accountants and bookkeepers (for the most part).

We are out to right this wrong!

What We Believe

...that it's actually easier to serve entrepreneurs with excellence than it is to offer them average service.

Most accountants and bookkeepers only look at history of a business. That's a good start. HOWEVER, we must move beyond the history (which we cannot change - unless you know something we don't) and shift our focus to the future.

The future of bookkeeping is to affect change on the future financial prosperity of business owners.

Why Bookkeeping Matters

Bookkeeping is the foundation of finances. Can you imagine building anything on a flawed foundation? I don't want to live in that house.

Why would an entrepreneur want to make decisions about the future success of their business based on bad bookkeeping?

ANSWER: They wouldn't. Yet, it happens every day! That's not ok with us.

This is why all of our training solutions are designed to create ~ what we call ~ "WIN4"...

...WIN4 means that, through implementation of our training everyone wins: our student, our student's client, our student's family, and the overall business community.