At Home Business Ideas

At home business ideas

…which ones actually work?

If you’re sick and tired of the same old “sign up your friends and make millions” pitch to earn more, then welcome! You’re in the right place.

You want to discover 2017’s best business ideas…

…ones that work…

…ones that don’t make you feel uncomfortable!

We’ve all wasted enough time chasing after these losing propositions.  Let’s take a good, honest, hard look at legitimate and proven business ideas.

Before I reveal my top 3, let me let you in on a secret…

…as an accountant serving hundreds of business owners, I’ve seen it all.

Successful business owners.

Wildly successful business owners…

business owners who struggled…business owners who thrived…and finally…

…everyone who tried their hand at MLM or network marketing.  In fact, I worked with 112 of these individuals and, guess WHAT?


(BTW: here is a great article from Business Insider that sheds a TON of light on discerning whether you’re chasing a legit or bogus opportunity.)

That’s the bad news.

The good news?

You don’t have to travel down the MLM or network marketing road to achieve that wish you desire:

  • Freedom
  • Flexibility
  • Good income
  • Work anywhere

Based on all of my years and experience with other’s successes and failures, I give to you my personal favorite home business ideas from number three to number one:

At Home Business Idea #3: Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant #3 best at home business ideas

Let me set the record straight: I could NOT run my business if it weren’t for the invaluable service my virtual assistants (VAs) provide.

I am REAL NICE to my VAs because, to use a term my granddad repeated often, they “butter my bread.”

In other words, my VAs are the secret sauce to keeping me and my business in line.

VAs are in demand, provide a legitimate service and earn a good living.

Check out VA Networking’s article about how to become a virtual assistant.

At Home Business Idea #2: Proofreader

At home business ideas number two: proofreader

Got an eagle eye when it comes to grammar?  If you were your English teacher’s pet, then that might be a cue for you to take a look-see at proofreading as a profession…

Proofreaders are in high-demand.  According to my friend Caitlin Pyle, founder of Proofread Anywhere, the need for qualified proofreaders is through the roof.

To learn more about proofreading and to see if it’s for you, please check out Proofread Anywhere’s FREE 7-day intro course on how to become a successful proofreader.

At Home Business Idea #1: Bookkeeper

At home business ideas

I admit it…I am biased!

My business, Bookkeeper Business Academy, teaches people how to start and grow a successful VIRTUAL bookkeeping business.  So, know that me assigning bookkeeping as #1 is totally skewed.

But…I can justify my rationale.

Here’s my justification:

#1 – EVERY business in the world is REQUIRED to do bookkeeping.

I can tell you that, after serving hundreds of small business owners, bookkeeping is one of the most feared aspects of their business.  They would rather go to the dentist than do the books.

Because small business owners don’t want to mess with bookkeeping, that creates tremendous work opportunity and SECURITY!


#2 – As bookkeeping software evolves, a bookkeeper is becoming much more than a glorified data entry clerk.  As a bookkeeper, you get to HELP business owners and provide tremendous value…

…all without having to have any fancy degrees or years of experience.

I’ve created a free and comprehensive 3-part training series that will give you the low-down on bookkeeping as a business. Again, it’s free and worth your while to check it out.

So, there you have my top three at home business ideas…ones that actually WORK!

Criteria used in selecting these three at home business ideas…

This is one person’s (mine) opinion on three business ideas that work.  This doesn’t mean that there aren’t more legitimate business ideas out there.

Rather than opine about other potential business ideas, I want to share with you criteria I use to determine which are the “cream” and which are the “crap”.

  1. Is it an established industry?
    It should be…
  2. Can you draw what this business does with a crayon?
    Nothing complicated…simple is better than complex!
  3. Does it have a low startup investment (less than $2,500)?
  4. Does it require you to sell junk you don’t believe in, to people who could care less?
    Bad signs…
  5. Does it give you a “warm and fuzzy” feeling when you envision yourself doing this work?


At Home Business Ideas - Ones That Actually Work
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At Home Business Ideas - Ones That Actually Work
If you're tired of the "sign up your friends and make millions" pitch, then welcome to the club. Discover the best at home business ideas - ones that work!
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